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First SLM Building - Now The Chamber of Commerce in Madison, Georgia

First SLM Building – Now The Chamber of Commerce in Madison, Georgia

The Source of Light Mission (now Source of Light Ministries International, Inc.) began in 1952 when two servants of God were moved by the Holy Spirit to expand the effectiveness of Gospel distributions by the means of free Bible correspondence courses. Source of Light had its beginnings in the building pictured here which now houses The Chamber of Commerce in Madison, Georgia.

Challenged by Rev. Cameron V. Thompson, founder and Director of the Pan American Testament League, Rev. Charles Gilmore and Rev. Edward Steele participated in a Gospel distribution campaign in Jamaica, covering the island with Gospels of John and a planned program of follow-up material. Each Gospel booklet contained a coupon entitling the reader to a free Bible study course which had been written and mimeographed in the U.S.

By the time the men returned from the island, the entire supply of 500 lessons had been mailed out and additional copies were hurriedly reproduced to meet the demand for that first lesson. The pressure mounted as hundreds of people requested a second lesson, then a third and fourth. As a result, seven lessons on the Doctrines of Salvation were prepared, printed and distributed. The mimeograph machine pictured above was used to produce these first lessons. Still the requests came by the hundreds, and it has been growing ever since, as demand has pressured for wider circulation and continuing studies of the Word.

Mr. Weyman Carmichael, former publisher and businessman in Madison, Georgia, assisted the work initially through gifts of equipment, use of a building and the donation of approximately seventeen acres of land fronting on U.S. 441 (one mile south of the present I-20 exit) within a very short distance of the place where it all began.

In February 1954, the Source of Light Mission was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit religious organization in the State of Georgia.

In order to more accurately reflect the organization’s scope and activity, a name change to Source of Light Ministries International, Inc. was effected by the Executive Council and approved by the U.S. government in 1980.