Democratic Republic of Congo (Vedette Nlandu, )

 Please pray for Vedette; he is having problems with his blood sugar again

Ethiopia (Haile Tefera & Tsedale, )

 Praise the Lord that we finished all our material inventory and account auditing for last year.
 We praise the Lord that we finished translating the Bible in two different languages and we are currently printing both.
 We praise the Lord for the Bible studies and Children’s lessons that we have been able to distribute.
 Please continue to pray for the country of Ethiopia.
 Please continue to pray for the Bible project and for Distribution of the Bibles.
 Please pray for safety at our school for the students, Tsedale, and the teachers.

Ghana (Daniel & Gifty Sappor, )

 Praise the Lord for the many people who have fulfilled their pledges that were made during the Fund Raising Dinner.
 We praise the Lord that all the funds have been provided to finish the wall project at Tamale.
 I praise the Lord for safety in travel. We have had a couple of accidents recently and He spared my life.

 Please pray that those who have not fulfilled their pledges will do so.
 Please pray for the completion of the construction on the wall when the rainy season has ended.
 Please pray that the office renovations that are needed to prevent future flooding will be completed before the rainy season begins again.
 Please pray that God will provide all that is needed for my trip to the U.S. and also that he would provide for my family and ministry needs while I am away.

Ivory Coast (Isaiah Bernasko, )

 The civil servant strike has ceased in our country.
 The mutiny of the military has also been resolved.
 Since the civil servant strike is now over, we can resume our work in the schools.
 A previous staff member, Brother Jean-Marie, has expressed interest in coming back to work for us. He is a hard working young fellow who helped us tremendously in the past. We are looking forward to his joining us again.
 The Dentist who worked on Lydia’s teeth has accepted Christ. She has become a good student.
 We praise the Lord that Martha, one of the children from the orphanage, is now an employee at the airport. She has received her first salary. This is a good position which will take care of her personal needs.
 I praise the Lord that he has delivered me from some financial difficulties which I encountered in 2016.
 I praise the Lord that he has delivered my team and me from many trials.
 The Lord saved my wife and me from a serious car accident about twelve days ago. No one was injured. The police did not come to take the car away, because the accident happened on Highway number, a highway that leads to the airport, in the city of Abidjan. The car which had just come out of the shop and completed the government inspection was not damaged. It will not take more than $50 to repair the damages. God is faithful and a protector.
 Please pray for Martha, the orphan mentioned above, that God will provide a husband for her. She can then be totally independent to leave our home.
 Please pray about Jean-Marie’s return to our ministry. He has good ideas for the work.
 Please pray that the shipment of Bible lessons will reach us soon.
 Please pray that God will strengthen me for the work of the ministry.
 Please pray that God will provide funds for the conferences that we need to conduct.
 Please pray for the Dabou and Vavoua Church projects. We need support for the young men who will lead the work there, Assem Benjamin and Ello Aristide. Please pray for both of these young men who have just started attending a Bible college. They have bills to pay for their education.
 Please pray for land for the Dabou and Vavoua churches.
 Please pray for the stability of our country politically.
 Please pray that the Dentist will become a good Christian; we hope to see her join our work.
 Please pray that God will provide ministry funds in general so that we could hire additional staff.
 Please pray that God will provide us with a reliable four wheel drive vehicle.
 Please pray that God will provide additional volunteers for the ministry.

Kenya (TImothy Kyuli, )

 Praise the Lord for a time of collaboration that we had with a team of teachers in the schools we serve.
 I praise the Lord for the time I recently had to spend in a classroom encouraging students in their spiritual lives.

Liberia (Nelsen Cyrus, )

 We praise the Lord that he has sent someone to serve in the position of Literature Coordinator. This is a position that we have been hoping to fill for a long time.
 We praise the Lord for the plans that are before us for February.

 Please pray that God will provide the needed funds for our new Literature Coodinator, Andrew Jones.
 Please pray that God will provide for all the needs of the ministry in Liberia.
 Please pray that the parents of our school students will be able to faithfully pay their children’s school fees.
 Please pray that he Lord will provide for our sons’ school tuition.

Togo (Sika Yawo, )

 Praise the Lord for the lost souls who have come to know the Lord.
 We thank the Lord for the new pastors who have become acquainted with the work of SLM TOGO through the materials.
 Please pray for us as we minister in the schools in the villages, and as we plant churches in the interior of the country. Especially pray for us as we attempt to enter hostile areas with the Bible lessons.
 Please pray for spiritual and physical protection, and for financial provision for the our staff, volunteers, collaborators, and for my family.
 Please continue to pray that God will provide two motorcycles that are needed.
 Please pray that God would guide us, especially in how to reach lost souls.
 Please pray that God will give us good health, physical, and spiritual strength to serve Him beyond what is imaginable.

Uganda (James Byakika, )

 I praise the Lord for the good health He has given me, my family, and all who support SLM. Without the help of our supporters, we would have been limited in what we could accomplish. We praise the Lord for them!
 We praise the Lord for a new SLM ministry that was started here this month.
 We praise the Lord for 368 souls who were won to Christ this month.
 We praise the Lord that we were able to award 320 certificates to students who completed courses.
 Please pray that God will open doors in more churches for our SLM materials to be used.
 Please pray that those who are already using the lessons will grasp these truths and put them into practice.
 Please pray that God would continue to guide and direct me through His Spirit as the SLM Uganda Director.
 Please pray for the planning, prayer, and fasting meetings that we have planned for this month.
 Please pray for the students as they go back to school.
 Please pray for those who were saved this past month that they will stand firm and grow in Christ.
 Please keep Annet, who runs our office, in your prayers.
 Please pray for families who are struggling for lack of food due to the drought in many parts of Uganda.
 Please pray that God will provide a vehicle for the ministry in Uganda.
 Please pray for me as I travel on roads that are in poor condition. I have developed some back problems and I am currently getting treatment.
 Please pray for Rachael, who is back at the University, that she will have the funds and wisdom needed to complete her degree in Education.
 Please pray for the Maria and Sarah who completed their courses in nursing that they will be able to get jobs.
 Please pray for all of our Source of Light volunteers and workers worldwide that we will have God’s power, wisdom, understanding, and grace to win more souls for the vineyard in 2017.

South Africa (Fanie Buys, )


  • We praise the Lord that even though there is much turmoil and violence in our country, God is in control. He is in control of our ministry. We see growth through the testimonies we receive.
  • We praise the Lord that many of our students are completing series of courses. We have been able to send out more certificates.
  • We praise the Lord that we have had an increase in the students that we are serving in Namibia. We are also negotiating distribution of the Bible studies in Malawi. A missionary will handle distributing the lessons and returning them to us. We look forward to serving these students.
  • Our lessons have such good teaching that it is a pleasure to make it available to many people. They are being used by the Lord to share the good news. We are always filled with gratitude when we receive letters telling us how God has used these lessons in students lives.


  • We are trying to get the lessons out faster to the students. More and more students ask if we can send them complete courses to save time and postage. We decided to make that an option for the students. Instead of sending the course, booklet by booklet over the course of one or two years, they can now complete the course in 3-6 months. Please pray for these new projects. It means a dramatic increase in postage costs and our workload. Please pray that more people will share in this ministry. We need prayer and finances.
  • Please pray that all of our mail reaches its destination.
  • Please pray that more souls will be saved through these Bible studies.
  • Please pray for our son, Stephan, who is the South Africa Defense Force.
  • Please pray for our daughter Susan who is currently working in Thailand. She recently became quite ill and went to the hospital to find that she had a ruptured appendix. We praise the Lord for providing the funds for her mother to fly to Thailand to help her. She is recovering, but will need treatment for a while. Please pray for her full recovery, and that her insurance will pay the hospital bills. Please pray for Susan that God will use her for His glory in Thailand.

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South America

Bolivia (Miguel & Lediz Sanchez, )

 Praise the Lord for Joas Abdiel who will be two months old on July 7. He is well and
growing and we are all very happy.
 Praise the Lord for Carmelo who donated 1300 meters of land with the goal of raising up a
new work and to build three apartments for traveling pastors who do not have a place to
 Please pray for Lediz. Her arthritis has gotten worse and she cannot resume her
medication while she is nursing the baby.
 Please pray for my brother and his sons who will be traveling to Argentina for a visit.
Please pray for their safety in travel and for their salvation.
 Please pray that God will awaken the Bolivians to give offerings for the for buildings on the
donated property

Chile (Guillermo & Vicky Salazar, )

 Please pray that God would provide the $10,000 needed to finish the Retreat and Training Center. It is needed for meetings and marriage seminars.

Mexico (Manuel & Ruth Lopez, )

 Please praise the Lord with us for a wonderful Christmas program at our school. We had good attendance. Because there are new students in our school, there were people that heard the Gospel for the first time! Our students presented some Biblical prophesies and their fulfilment through Jesus.
 We were able to use the new space upstairs for the crucifixion scene, but it wasn’t until January that we had a formal dedication service for the new area.
 We are looking forward to progressing with the construction project so that we can move the school upstairs. In addition to doors, windows, electricity, bathrooms, plumbing, flooring, ceiling, etc., we also need a ramp or elevator. The day of the dedication, one dear lady in a wheel chair had to be carried upstairs.
 The Christmas program for the church was a wonderful success. About 250 people came altogether – probably close to 100 for the first time. We presented an overview of the Life of Christ in five different scenes: Jesus’ birth, the Child in the Temple, Jarius’ daughter, the crucifixion and resurrection. Narrators took small groups of about 25 people through the various scenes (which we repeated nine times), and after telling about the resurrection, the narrators plainly presented the plan of salvation. Afterwards, people stayed to eat a delicious Christmas meal provided by the church. About 100 people in the church worked together to make the presentation successful.
 For a few years, our son John had a stipend from the Mexican Federal Government for his work as a scientist; he shared part of the stipend with us. However, because of recent budget cuts, he no longer receives that stipend. We are very thankful that we do not depend on the government for our support, but on the Lord, and we trust Him to provide in His way and His timing. We are thankful for every gift that we receive, large and small. It touched our hearts that our seven-year-old granddaughter decided to have a Christmas fundraiser for us. She made crafts, and offered them to those willing to give a donation for our ministry. What a blessing! We always look forward to seeing how the Lord is going to supply our needs, and our granddaughter’s loving efforts were certainly an unexpected surprise.

Peru (Pablo & Dalila Correa, )

 Praise the Lord for the opportunity to meet with two pastors to introduce them to SLM.
 Praise the Lord for God’s provision for Dalila’s trip to Lima.
 Praise the Lord for a conference held in Denver that addressed the topics of prison ministry and drugs.
 Please pray for Dalila’s care and protection while she is in Lima. She will be meeting with female ex-inmates and visiting some women’s prisons.
 Please pray that God would help us make decisions regarding the DTB in Peru.
 Please pray for the doors to open to share the work of SLM in Peru.
 Please pray for wisdom for Pablo as he teaches and builds the church in Denver.

Brazil (Jim and Julie Leonard, )


  • We thank the Lord that Julie was able to be with JoyAnna for the birth of, Hannah Joy Leonard Volpi, our sixth grandchild.
  • Another praise is that God has sent the ideal person to help with the house cleaning! Francinalva is a hard worker and leaves things spotless even when there’s a lot of construction dust all over everything.  She and her husband are moving to Crato from an interior town in the state to the south of us, and both of them are looking for work.  They would like their 15 and 9 year-old sons to study in the Cariri Valley.  They have both heard the Gospel and they came to our church a few weeks ago at our invitation.  They were introduced to us by a good friend of theirs who is working on our house construction.  We’d love to see a chain reaction for many to come to know Christ as their Savior through them!


  • Please pray as Jim and Daniel Ruley, a co-worker, make initial contacts in an area about nine hours away in Teresina. There is a big need in this region for missionary work. Please pray that God would direct them to the right contacts, and open our eyes to see the “fields that are white unto harvest (John 4:35).”
  • For the past couple of years, several of our Brazilian pastors have made trips to Northern Mozambique to train a group of pastors in that nation. Many of these men didn’t even have a complete Bible. Last month thirty pastors in Mozambique completed this very basic Bible Institute offered to them by our Brazilian pastors. These men labor in a part of Mozambique that is predominantly Muslim and very poor. In order to take the work in Mozambique to the next level, there is a need for a few men from there to have some formal Bible college training. For this reason, we have offered a one year scholarship to two couples from Mozambique to come study at our college. We are asking God to provide for these two families. They will need funds for documents, air travel, and living expenses while they are with us at Cariri Baptist Seminary.
  • Please pray for JoyAnna, Fabio, Kristi, and little Hannah as they will be embarking on a eight to nine month furlough and support-raising trip from South Brazil to the Northeast. They plan to leave in December or January. The date will depend on Fabio’s mother’s health. She is needing to have surgery. While they are in the Northeast, they will make OASIS their “home base”. We are looking forward to some time with them.
  • Julie missed two weeks of classes when she was away for the child birth. Please pray that she will be able to make up and keep up with the remaining activities for the year. Graduation will be on December tenth with about thirty students graduating.

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India (Karunakar and Sumita Jena, )


  • Praise God for seven people who were saved in August through personal evangelism and four people who were saved in September.
  • Praise the Lord for 553 people who heard the Gospel and took the lessons from the Discipleship teams in August, and for 2002 people who took the lessons and heard the Gospel in September.
  • Praise God that we were able to distribute 453 Bible lessons, 3107 Gospel Tracts, 25 New Testaments, and 3 Bibles at schools, villages, and communities through personal evangelism in August, and 283 Bible lessons, 1785 Gospel Tracts, 51 New Testaments, and 5 Bibles were distributed in September.
  • Praise God for the disciples who are studying Bible lessons and winning others for Christ.
  • We praise the Lord for Sister Panchu who has decided to serve the Lord among her Napali People. We also praise the Lord for Brother Mahesh who also committed to serve the Lord among the Hindi speaking people.
  • We praise the Lord for how he is using the booklet, “Who is Jesus Christ?”


  • Please pray for the teams who are being organized to go out for Christmas outreach. They will distribute Bibles, New Testaments, and lessons to the people. The Gospel outreach teams will go door to door in many places of Bankura, 24 Parganas, North Dinajpur, North Bengal, Kolkata, Assam, and Tripura reaching the unreached with the Gospel. Please pray that God will provide the funds needed to print 24,000 “Who is Jesus Christ?” booklets. Our Associate Discipleship Schools and other organizations have asked us for 14,000 and we need 10,000 for our Christmas outreach. To print 30,000 in three languages, we estimate that it will cost about $3,000.
  • Please pray that God may help us to start many ADSs with other missions and churches.
  • Please pray for a vehicle for the ministry in this part of India. Many times we find it difficult to reach many places without a vehicle. Hiring a vehicle is very expensive and there is not always a vehicle available.
  • Please pray for a plot of property for a church building in Kolkata that two groups of believers will share.
  • Please pray for funds to print Who is Jesus Christ, NL-1, & NL-2 in Bengali. Our stock is finished.
  • Please pray that God would send more workers for Kolkata, West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand.
    • Please pray for a Brother from Chattisgargh who has been driven out of his home because of his faith in Christ. He will stay with us, and he will serve the Lord with our disciples.
    • Please pray for Sister Panchu, Brother Mahesh, and the Brother from Chattisgargh as they minister to Nepali and Hindi speaking people.
    • Please pray for Murshad Ali that he will be able to start an ADS by the grace of the Lord. He may work among the Muslim people in Murshidabad.


    • Manoj, a high school boy, heard the Gospel and read the SLM Bible lessons. He accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and Lord. He is from a Hindu family. Many times his family does not allow him to come to the fellowship. Yet, he is standing for the Lord. He shared his personal testimony with many of his friends and they are also reading the lessons. But their parents, also, do not allow them to come to the fellowship. Manoj asked us to pray for his parents and friends to be saved.
    • Bapi, a young man, was possessed by an evil spirit for many years. His mother took him to many doctors and spent lots of money, but nothing changed. He was taken to many temples and lastly to many who practiced witchcraft. Yet, he was not healed. His mother heard of the Lord Jesus Christ and they came to the fellowship. The believers prayed for him and the evil spirit left him and now he is healed. He accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and Lord. His mother and older brother have also become believers. His brother got a very good job. Now the whole family is enjoying the Lord. Praise the Lord!
    • Sudipto Das is from West Bengal. He is from a Hindu family. He accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. He gave Bible lessons to many of his friends. His mother was very sick and one of her kidneys was damaged. Sudipto told her about the Lord Jesus Christ and prayed for her. God healed his mother. He went to share his testimony with two of his married sisters. They have also become believers. Praise the Lord. All Glory be to God.

India (Ignatius and Marjorie Lakra, )

 We praise the Lord for our good health, wisdom, and guidance to help the community.
 We are grateful to the Lord for all the help we received for Christmas for the poor and unfortunate children and people.
 We thank God for the protection he gives us every moment.
 We praise the Lord for the village children who daily attend the classes so faithfully.
 We praise the Lord for meeting our needs in our center and in the community.
 We are so grateful for the support we receive from Source of Light ministries and First Baptist Church in Atlanta.
 Please pray for God’s grace and blessing to serve him faithfully, willingly, and diligently.
 Please pray that God will meet all our needs for ministry.
 Please pray that God would continually provide his guidance and protection.

India (Sanjeeb and Anita Sahu, )

 Praise God for his faithfulness and grace in the year of 2016.
 Praise God for many more opportunities to reach out to the unreached and that he uses us to do His work.
 Praise the Lord that we were able to make 46 new contacts where we introduced SLM Bible lessons or the Ministry of Source of Light.
 Praise the Lord that in the month of January 287 fellowship groups in North India and Nepal are doing weekly Bible studies with our lessons.
 Praise the Lord that 67 Bible courses have been given to non-Christian people in Delhi.
 Praise the Lord for a wonderful meeting in Hyderabad with Ron Barnes, Scotte Staab, Ronnie Barnes, and all the Zone Directors.
 Praise God that many new people have taken Bible courses in our church and are studying them carefully.
 Praise God for providing all of our needs in the month of January.
 Praise God that 16 people have accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.
 Praise God that 1,029 courses have been given to people and they are doing the courses.
 Praise God for three discipleship meetings that were held in the field in the month of January.
 Please pray for Shilpa who is expecting a baby. Her husband recently left her. Please pray, with us, that they might be reconciled.
 Please pray for Ramchander who has a ruptured ulcer. Whenever he eats food, it is painful. Please pray for his healing.
 Please pray for the spiritual growth of our believers and that they may remain strong. Many times, they are influenced by their neighbors or relatives and are deceived.
 Please pray for all of our staff that they might have good health and that God may provide all their needs.
 Please pray for the staff meeting in February and that God may provide all the needs for that meeting.
 Please pray for the children programs in our fields that the Lord may use them to share the love of God among the children.
 Please pray for an urgent need to re-print NL-1 in Hindi and Nepali. Please pray that God would provide the resources.
 Rajender was a vicious wild man from the village of Adal who was unmanageable. His family members went to many temples and followed many rituals, but it was all in vain. Finally, they took him to church and the church prayed for him. Today, he is in sound mind; he and his family have accepted the Lord Jesus as their Savior.
 Our evangelist Raju Singh from Himachal Pradesh writes, “When I was teaching Course 1 to Jagdish, from the village of Jakar, he gave a testimony that previously he was not a godly man at all. He said, ‘All I had in my life was sin’. He is thankful that the Lord has taught him about holiness, and he said that he will obey the Lord.” Jagdish has committed his life to the Lord and he comes to the fellowship regularly.

India (Hemanth and Asha Peter, )

 Praise the Lord for how he is using the live television broadcast. The show is broadcast on Friday. We are receiving lots of contacts through this call in show –about 600 each month!
 We also praise the Lord for how He is using the Tabernacle project. We recently set it up in an area called Gadag. 2,000 people came to visit it. Nearly 400 gave their names for follow up. We are looking for four additional staff to do follow up ministries. The Tabernacle project has attracted thousands of people who are non-Christians. Many are hearing the Gospel for the first time in their lives.
 Please pray that God will bring the four additional staff who are needed for follow-up for the tabernacle project.
 Please pray that funds will be available to print Bible lessons to use in the follow-up.
 Please pray for Pastor Satish and his sixty member church. They are under attack.
 Pastor Harry will be having pastor’s conferences in December. Hemanth will be teaching about 70 pastors.
 Please pray for Hemanth’s travels while in the states. Pray for safety and that God would open doors for him to present his work. Hemanth is attempting to raise about $800 per month in operating expenses while he is in the States. One hundred fifty dollars of this has already been pledged. We praise the Lord. Please pray that the remainder will be provided.
 Please pray for Hemanth’s family that God will provide for all their needs and protect them as they serve Him.

India (Christudas and Martha Earla, )

 Praise God for Scotte Staab, SLM Regional Director for Asia, who visited us and spoke to the leaders and disciples at two different places.
 We praise the Lord for nine people who were recently saved.
 Praise God that a Seeker’s meeting was held in Kolkata and some Hindus gave their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ.
 Praise God for a new Children’s club that was established In Islampur, West Bengal.
 We praise God that he has established three children’s clubs and two fellowship groups in West Bengal.
 We praise God for the work among the Muslims. Hundreds of Muslim Gospel books and New Testaments have been distributed among them.
 Praise the Lord for the India ZAC meetings which were held at Hyderabad on January 16-18. Brother Barnes and his son Ronnie attended those meetings. We were able to make many helpful decisions.
 We praise the Lord for 6,314 people who heard the Gospel and took Bible lessons from the Discipleship teams.
 We praise the Lord that we could contribute 868 Bible lessons, 1,340 Gospel tracts, 7,833 New Testaments, and 16 Bibles in schools, villages and communities through our personal evangelism.
 Please pray for a vehicle for carrying Bible lessons to different fields in West Bengal and in this part of India. Many times we find it difficult to reach many places without a vehicle. Hiring a vehicle is very expensive and a vehicle is not always available.
 Please pray for a church building to be constructed in Kolkata for two groups of believers.
 Please pray for the funds for printing Who is Jesus Christ, New Life in Christ 1, New Life in Christ 2, and some Gospel tracts in Bengali. Our stock is currently finished.
 Please pray that God may do greater things in 2017 as we organize meetings at many places in Assam, Tripura, Bihar, Jharkhand, Manipur, and West Bengal.
 Please pray that God would provide us a worker who will focus on our Muslim work and that God would provide the support for him.
 Please pray for our FCRA to be renewed as soon as possible.
 Please pray for our follow up teams who do discipleship after our outreaches.

Pakistan (Maqbool Bashir, )


  • We praise the Lord for the salvation of 14 people in a small village of 103 families. They had no church, no pastor, and no Bibles, but God did a great work in the lives of these 14 people who were saved and baptized.
  • We praise the Lord for the Church that God gave us under the oversight of SLM Pakistan.
  • We praise God for Pastor Jehroom and his team who joined SLM Pakistan to develop the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Praise the Lord for the wonderful work in the lives of the scattered orphan children. We brought some of the children back to a safe place. They are happy and safe in this place.
  • Please pray that God would provide reliable transportation so that we can visit some branches and villages where we have not been in a long time.



  • Please pray for the new converts that God would strengthen them to walk steadfastly in the Lord’s kingdom.
  • Pray for the Pastors’ support and the church planting needs in many villages.
  • Pray for the provision of God to print the SLM material for the churches in the villages where many people are hungry for the Word of God and for the people who are very interested and feel God calling them to do His work.
  • Please pray for the orphan children who came back to a safe place. Pray that God will provide the funds for their food, education, and other needs.

Philippines (Red and Sheryl Dizon, )

 Praise the Lord for the 7,380 lessons that were sent out.
 Praise the Lord for 40 decisions for Christ through the lessons, and 28 other decisions for Christ through our other ministries.
 We praise the Lord that we were able to Baptize 16 maximum security inmates of our PHILSOL NBP School.
 We praise the Lord for a special Bible week celebration on January 25-31. It was attended by 300 inmates.
 Please pray for financial blessings for our church, ministry, and our family.
 Please ask God to bless the new guards in our maximum security compound.
 Please pray that President Duterte will sign an executive clemency for my immediate release.

Philippines (Tina Hidalgo, )

 Praise the Lord for his provision for my medication and for God’s sustaining grace.
 Praise the Lord for the Associate Schools who expressed a desire to continue to use our Bible lessons.
 Please pray for the Associate Schools to be more active in using our Bible courses in their ministries.
 Please pray for a church who expressed that they will no longer use our Bible lessons for the remaining months for this year.
 Please pray for me as I prepare for a lecture for this coming December Youth Camp.
 Please pray for Rose of Sharon Baptist Church; they have finished the children’s Bible course. They have reorganized their Christian Education ministry. They are going to use our children’s Bible lessons to do religious instruction in the Public Elementary School.

Philippines (Charlie and Beth Notarte, )

 Praise the Lord that I was able to attend the NLFFBC Council meeting on January 21st and our BBSI Alumni officers meeting on January 23.
 I had a relapse of my previous illness the last week of January. Please pray that God would continue to heal me.

Philippines (Pio and Merlin Deniola, )

 Praise the Lord for the many opportunities and privileges that we had in the month of January. The San Juan Pontevedra church invited Pastor Deniola to be their guest speaker on January 8 for their 37th year church anniversary.
 We also praise the Lord that we were able to hold a two day camp for the children with the preaching of the Word of God.
 Our PHILSOL Distributors
 PHILSOL students
 PHILSOL Board of Directors
 PHILSOL missionaries.

Singapore (Florence Lim, )


  • In January of 2016, we became independent in our work here in the slum. We are grateful that the Lord gives us strength to persevere in His ministry.
  • The Lord has enabled us to activate some long pending projects. We are able to offer educational assistance for our Bible class students, sponsor youth for camp, and have a Thanksgiving celebration.
  • We praise the Lord for two churches in Manilla who are now collaborating with us.



  • Please pray for our 1st youth camp for the slum ministry. Please pray specifically for hearts to be prepared so that spiritual food will be received and bear fruit. Please pray for us as we prepare. The venue is up on the mountain and we will be dealing with cold weather. Please pray for guidance and strength for all the preparations and for the speaker and leaders and all the helpers.
  • Please pray for the Thanksgiving celebration that is to be held at the slum called “7 years of Gratitude to God”.
  • Please pray for Florence to have a fruitful meeting with the Pastor of a new ministry partner.

Philippines (Dr. Abraham Vallega, )

 Praise the Lord for the success of the Bible Mode Conference where we had a Bible lesson display.
 Praise the Lord for the success of the Mission’s Conference of Blue Ridge Bible Baptist Church where we recently had a display of the Bible lessons.
 Praise the Lord for the successful Church anniversary and dedication of the PHILSOL office of Logos Bible Baptist Church.
 I praise the Lord that we now have our new business permit for the PHILSOL office to operate.
 Please pray for the preparation and upcoming needs of PHILSOL’s 37th Anniversary on April 21, 2017.
 Please pray for Rev. Pio Deniola’s need for medication and healing.

Philippines (Faustino and Virgie Espinas, )


  • We praise the Lord for the Souls who have been saved this month.
  • We praise the Lord for the spiritual growth of our church members.
  • We praise the Lord that a vehicle has been supplied for Mindanao.


  • We are praying for a permanent building and a lot for the SLM office and World Wide Bible Institute.
  • Good Health
  • For our Soul Winning Program
  • We pray for more souls to be saved.
  • Please pray for religious instruction for our Associate Schools.
  • Please pray for Christian growth
  • Please pray for our Bible clubs that will be opening.
  • Please pray for a church revival program.
  • Please pray for the salvation of the school children.
  • Please pray for the salvation of the school parents.
  • Please pray for the Thanksgiving preparations for our church Hope Fundamental Baptist Church.

Phillipines (Geofrey and Imee Allego, )

 Please pray that God would provide all that is needed for our church expansion project.
 Please pray that God would help us to reach our attendance goal of 150 people.
 Please pray for Jem and Irish’s studies.
 Please pray for good health for Sister Imee and the baby she is carrying. She will deliver on March first. Please pray that all goes well.
 Please pray that God would provide the financial support that we need each month.
 Please pray for good health for our family and for wisdom for Pastor Geofrey as a Bible College professor.
 Please pray for our discipleship program and our house to house Bible studies.
 Please pray for our church that we might have spiritual growth. Please also pray for a legal problem involving the church property.
 Please pray for our church that we might have financial growth and geographical growth as well.
 Please pray especially that God would provide workers for our church.

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North America

Madison Discipleship School (Brian Thompson, )

• We praise the Lord that we have received many lessons in 2017. The number of salvation decisions is 30 so far in 2017.
• We praise the Lord that God is keeping our staff healthy including the two that had surgery in December.
• Please pray for Testimo, whose testimony is shared below, that he will get a large print Bible.
• Please pray for Anna Gay Newell who is recovering from knee surgery.
• Please pray for the students in prison and jails that are struggling with separation from their families.
• Please pray for a student named Judy. When asked if she wanted to sign up a friend for the lessons, she responded. “I have no friends. I only want Christian friends, and therefore, I don’t have any. I would love to be able to fill this form out and have somebody to do these lessons with. Please help me to pray for at least one Christian friend.”
• Please pray for Tressia, who is a prisoner, and her sons. She sent in the following request. “You asked if I had a prayer request. Somehow the paper got lost so I am just writing this to you. I have three sons – all whom are in the prison system as I write this. …I would ask for a hedge of protection for them, and that the Holy Spirit touches their heart so they may find Jesus for themselves as I have done…”
• Please pray for Francisco, a student who is studying Course 1. He said that he is going through a very hard time. He requested a Bible. Please pray that God meets this request.
• Please pray for Brittany, one of our students. She is unsaved. She is requesting prayer that she may find inner peace, get stronger in faith, continue working on negative behaviors, become a more positive person, learn to love herself, and learn how to respect herself and others. She was encouraged to receive Jesus.

• Testimo Lazero (Spanish prisoner from Honduras) wrote: “I accepted Christ and was baptized before getting in jail but never grew spiritually because I did not understand the Bible. Now I have dedicated much time to the Bible and, thanks to your helping me with studies and literature, I have obtained much more knowledge of Jesus Christ. When I believed in Him I was born anew and now I am a new creature because I am in Him, dressed in His righteousness. No longer is it an emotion, like before, that changed with feelings. Now I walk by faith because without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6).” (When asked if he has read the whole Bible, he said he has wanted to read it through, but his Bible has very small print and his eyes get tired fast. He asked for a large print Bible. He was told we would pray with him that God will provide one for him.)

Canada (Joe and Penny Homontowski, )

• Praise the Lord for 2,680 lessons that were sent out, 2,310 lessons that were graded, and 244 certificates that were issued to those who completed courses in 2016.
• Praise the Lord for five students who made salvation decisions while completing Mailbox Bible Club lessons.
• Praise the Lord that Mailbox Club lessons are being sent to children and adults all across Canada, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.
• Praise the Lord that a friend from church is donating his time and supplies to build some shelving in our Mailbox Club office in February. It will be a blessing to have space for all the tracts, books and bookmarks, instead of having to search through boxes for what we need to send to students.
• Please pray for a Singspiration which will be held on March 17, at Fairhaven Bible Chapel to raise funds to cover the cost of postage for the Mailbox Club. As you pray for our students, please pray for God’s blessing on that event as well.

Haiti (Claudy Jean Baptiste, )


  • Praise the Lord for the recent visit by SLM CEO Ron Barnes, Phil Frasier, and Ron Barnes III.
  • I praise the Lord for five new believers in Christ.
  • Praise the Lord for the graduation of 47 students on October 4th.
  • Praise the Lord for a new lap top for the Haiti Branch.
  • Praise the Lord for a new system to manage student files.


  • Please pray for all the people who were impacted by Hurricane Matthew. Please pray for the Haiti Branch that Claudy directs and their partners that they would be able to reach many people during this time.
  • There are three Associate Discipleship Schools in Haiti, south of Port-au-Prince that Claudy has not been able to reach since the storm. Please pray for them.
  • Please pray for the building project for SLM Haiti.
  • Please pray for our Associate Discipleship School directors and their families.
  • Please pray for some needs of my family.

Jamaica (Don and Elaine Schiffer, )


  • Praise the Lord that Gary and Roshane made it safely to the docks and back to pick up pallets with lessons yesterday.
  • Praise the Lord that the Schiffers and Andrew made it back and weathered the storm. The mission building was hit by lightning, but had minimal damage.


  • Please pray for safety in Montego Bay. The violence has gotten very bad. There were fourteen people killed and some were injured by drive by shootings over a weekend recently.

Kansas (Leon and Susan Scott, )

• Please pray that we will be able to complete the heating and air conditioning project. We need about $2,900 more to purchase the equipment. Once we have the equipment, they will install them at no charge.
• We need an additional $4,300 to be able to start the parking lot project.

New Mexico (Darryl and Joan Evans, )

• Ex-inmate Juan H… wrote: “Thank you brothers and sisters for praying for me. I assure you the Lord answered your prayers, because He granted my release from incarceration and allowed me to be reconciled to my family and loved ones. My new address is on the lessons I’m returning with this letter. I would like to thank you for teaching and helping me and other new found believers (to learn) about God and how to grow spiritually in the Lord Jesus Christ.” (He accepted Christ in jail; he is twenty years old.)
• James from Texas writes: “I got out of prison last year- didn’t last 90 days. I didn’t have any support or help and no place to start but the streets… Got five years in prison, but I get out in three years and nine months. My Mama, Dad, and Stepdad all died last year; I have one brother and five sisters who never write or care. I study anything that has to do with holiness.”
• “I didn’t know Jesu Cristo was real. It was very painful and hard for me, at first, because where I lived there was no church in the mountains of Chihuahua. I didn’t have schooling, so I didn’t learn to read or write. But for Dios (God) nothing is impossible. Cristo came into my life when I was feeling like nothing. Now He is real to me and what I know of His Word, Cristo teaches me every day.”

Jamaica - Kingston (Joy Webster, )


  • Please pray for Joy Webster who is experiencing health issues.

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