Source of Light Ministries each year depends on the countless thousands of hours of services that our volunteers give to the Lord. Our volunteers do everything from mow the lawn, data entry, grade Bible lessons, carpentry, load paper into folders, copiers, or printing presses, package Bible lessons, cleaning, electrical, secretarial, or picking up visitors at the Atlanta airport.

Our volunteers are as diverse as the jobs they do here at headquarters. We have retirees, grandmas and grandpas, pastors, welders, electricians, school teachers, truck drivers, business owners, chaplains, house wives and students.

One question we often are asked is who can help at SLM? Anyone who has a heart of service for our Lord. We have had many youth groups, Sunday School classes, small groups, Christian Colleges, Christian schools and home school groups help.

Another question we are often asked is how long can I volunteer? We have some who volunteer a few hours a week, some a few days a week, some come and stay for weeks or months at a time. The duration is really based upon how much time you have to volunteer?

To find out about all of our volunteer opportunities please e-mail or call our headquarters at 706-342-0397