Haile & Tsedale Tefera

The Teferas and their 3 daughters lived in the USA for 15 years and Haile, along with his wife, Tsedale, established a successful business. Haile said he would never return toEthiopia, but about 3 years ago God called Haile and his family to return to their home country. Theirs is an amazing story! Haile and Tsedale responded to God’s call and have spearheaded the beginning of the SLM ministry inEthiopiaalong with East Africa Director, Jack Stiles. Right now, Haile is supervising the construction of a large multi-purpose building and medical clinic. Later, a Christian school will be added. All of these outreaches have begun in order to get GOD’S WORD to the people ofEthiopia through the SLM Bible courses.


Bible Correspondence Courses
Christian School
Medical Clinic

Contact Information

Source of Light Ethiopia
PO Box 100595
Addis Ababa

Phone: 011-251-911-51-3832



Population: 93,877,025 (July 2013 est.)

Ethnic Groups: Oromo 34.5%, Amhara (Amara) 26.9%, Somali (Somalie) 6.2%, Tigray (Tigrigna) 6.1%, Sidama 4%, Gurage 2.5%, Welaita 2.3%, Hadiya 1.7%, Afar (Affar) 1.7%, Gamo 1.5%, Gedeo 1.3%, other 11.3% (2007 Census)

Languages: Oromo (official regional) 33.8%, Amharic (official) 29.3%, Somali 6.2%, Tigrayan (official regional) 5.9%, Sidamo 4%, Wolaytta 2.2%, Guragiegna 2%, Afar 1.7%, Hadiyya 1.7%, Gamo 1.5%, other 11.7%, English (official) (major foreign language taught in schools), Arabic (official) (2007 census)

Religions: Ethiopian Orthodox 43.5%, Muslim 33.9%, Protestant 18.6%, traditional 2.6%, Catholic 0.7%, other 0.7% (2007 Census)