Advanced Biblical Studies

Advanced Studies Catalog

Advanced Studies Department

Source of Light has an entire Department that
serves our Advanced Studies students. The courses available to
these students are considered Bible Institute/College level and
are eligible for credit when transferred to some institutions
of higher learning.There are two program tracks
which may be followed:

1. World Wide Bible Institutes (WWBI)

2. The Ezra Institute


World Wide Bible Institutes (WWBI) consist of Bible based courses. Is a full 3 years, 6 semester training curriculum and it’s an individualized study that can be enhanced by seminars, chat rooms, bulletin boards, and class rooms. Materials are divided into easily learned modules: Simplified Theological Educational Packets.

The Ezra Institute

The Ezra Institute operates from Source of Light headquarters,
and enrolls students individually, assigns them a teacher, and keeps their transcript records. The Ezra Institute offers a large range of courses and a student can take as many or as few courses as they wish. An individual Course Diploma is given as recognition at the end of each course.

WWBI: An In-depth Look