Bible Courses

Source of Light Ministries offers Bible correspondence courses* for use in ministry. The lessons are effective with individual students, or in group studies. They are ideal for follow-up programs. Source of Light Ministries has a number of courses on the adult level. Most of these courses are on salvation and basic materials for new Christians.

Much of our ministry involves the use of The Mailbox Club curriculum**. These lessons were written by Mr. George Eager and the staff of The Mailbox Club, and copyrighted by The Mailbox Club, Inc., Valdosta, Georgia. Source of Light Ministries International has permission to use these materials in its worldwide ministry.

The Mailbox Club lessons are written on a child’s reading level. They are brief and well-illustrated. Each lesson has a test section to be completed and mailed in for grading. The various series are excellent for teaching in a group setting. Their use may be varied from the suggested order of study.

If you need an application to use literature, an order form, or a brochure of our courses, please click on the appropriate link(s) below.


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Note: Most of our English Bible study courses are put together without staples to make them usable for ministry in prisons.

* Source of Light uses the King James Version in all of our courses, unless indicated otherwise.
** The King James Version is used in all Mailbox Club courses. However, they reserve the right to translate from the original texts where necessary, to make the meaning clear to the reader.