By Ron Barnes
Published November 20, 2017

Because You Gave

When tragedy strikes within the SLM ministry, we thank God that He provides for us to be able to respond. Earlier in the year, in the middle of the night, we received word one of our missionary wives in Asia delivered her baby prematurely. The situation was very dire, but made worse by the inadequate facilities of the hospital she was sent to. In order to send the baby to a better hospital, one that could handle “preemies”, we would have to pay $5000 up front before they would even admit her.

Thankfully, due to the generous giving of SLM donors, and the careful use of our Global Outreach Fund, SLM was able to quickly transfer the amount needed and provide the needed care. Sadly, the baby wasn’t strong enough to make it, but at least she was given proper care made possible by a healthy Global Outreach Fund at SLM. Would you prayerfully consider a donation this Giving Tuesday to the Global Outreach Fund of SLM which covers the costs of these type of emergencies as well as the operation of the global operations of SLM?


If you would like to give towards this fund, follow the link below and select “Global Outreach Fund”

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