Light From the Gospel of John

LIGHT FROM THE GOSPEL OF JOHN is an introductory salvation course for teens and adults. This lesson is a brief study of the Gospel of John with special emphasis on salvation. No certificate is awarded upon completion. It is recommended for new students before going into the other courses. Use this if EXPLORING GOD’S WORD, A COUNTRY CALLED HEAVEN, THE WAY TO HEAVEN, or MY NEW LIFE IN CHRIST 1 series are omitted. We recommend it as an initial contact for: evangelism, door-to-door visitation, mailings, and follow up for tracts, enrollment coupons, cards, and brochures. It is frequently used along with a Bible portion for mass distribution campaigns. The cover is printed in four-color process and the inside of the booklet is printed in two-color. It is attractively illustrated to use in your outreach ministry or as an initial study for your new converts class.

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