Published June 9, 2015

Fishers of Men Book 3


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FISHERS OF MEN is a soul-winning course designed to help older teens and adult students know how to lead others to the Savior. A memory verse sheet (printed on card stock) is available to go with each of the three soul-winning booklets.

Each booklet contains 32 pages.
The booklets are wrapped 25 to a package.

This series contains 9 lessons in 3 books.
Book 1 The Definition of Soul-Winning
The Necessity of Soul-Winning
Basic Qualifications to be a Soul-Winner
The Place of God’s Word in Soul-Winning
Book 2 The Place of the Holy Spirit in Soul-Winning
The Soul-Winner’s Task
How to Carry Out the Task
Book 3 Follow-up in Soul-Winning

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