Published June 9, 2015

Full Set – See & Do Course 1


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SEE & DO Course 1 is for children 4 through 7 years of age. They represent Bible truths through well-illustrated Bible stories. Each lesson includes a page to color and a Bible Quiz designed for the parent or teacher to read to the child. After several readings, the child may begin to read for himself with the help of the illustrations.

Each lesson contains 8 pages.
The lessons are wrapped 50 to a package.

This series contains 7 lessons

Lesson 1 The Red Wagon
Lesson 2 God’s Beautiful Garden
Lesson 3 The Real Meaning of Christmas
Lesson 4 The Angry Bee
Lesson 5 Am I Too Little?
Lesson 6 God’s Wonderful Gift
Lesson 7 God’s Beautiful Home

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