Published June 9, 2015

Lesson 4 – Jesus Died for My Sins!


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YOUNG EXPLORERS Course 1 is adapted from EXPLORERS Course 1, but has been greatly stepped down, using many illustrations. This course should be ideal for ages 7 through 9, where the STORYTIME and BEST FRIENDS courses are not used.

Each lesson contains 8 pages.
The lessons are wrapped 50 to a package.

This series contains 10 lessons
Lesson 1 God’s Beautiful Home
Lesson 2 God Created All Things
Lesson 3
How Sin Came into the World
Lesson 4 Jesus Died for My Sins!
Lesson 5 Jesus is ALIVE today!
Lesson 6 I can become a Child of God!
Lesson 7 Five Wonderful Things
Lesson 8 Jesus is my Special Best Friend
Lesson 9 Jesus is Coming Again!
Lesson 10 4 Things God Wants Me to Know

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