Published June 9, 2015

Lesson 4 – JUSTIFICATION: Accepted in the Beloved


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BASIC BIBLE TRUTHS is a course on great Bible themes. This more advanced study may be used for older teens and adults completing THE NEW LIFE IN CHRIST Course 2 and/or Course 3, and the PRACTICAL CHRISTIAN LIVING Series. This course may also be used for mature believers.

Each booklet contains 24, 32, 40, or 48 pages with a full color cover.
The booklets are wrapped 25 to a package.

This series contains 9 lessons in 9 books.
Book 1 REPENTANCE: Called Unto Repentance (32 pages)
Book 2 FAITH: The Evidence of Things Not Seen (32 pages)
Book 3 REGENERATION: Created in His Image (24 pages)
Book 4 JUSTIFICATION: Accepted in the Beloved (32 pages)
Book 5 ADOPTION: Sons Not Servants (32 pages)
Book 6 PRAYER: Master Secrets of Prayer (48 pages)
Book 7 SANCTIFICATION: Called Unto Holiness (40 pages)
Book 8 GLORIFICATION: Called Unto His Eternal Glory (32 pages)
Book 9 THE HOLY SPIRIT: The Work and Ministry of the Holy Spirit (40 pages)

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