Published June 9, 2015

Lesson 8 – Jesus wants me to Obey Him


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BEST FRIENDS Course 2, for ages 8 and 9, fits well between STORYTIME and EXPLORERS. It is a great initial course and should be effective in bringing children to Christ.

Each lesson contains 8 pages.
The lessons are wrapped 50 to a package.

This series contains 12 lessons
Lesson 1 Jesus is “the Christ” the Promised Savior
Lesson 2 Jesus is “the God-man”
Lesson 3
Jesus is “the Lamb of God”
Lesson 4 Jesus is “Lord of All”
Lesson 5 I am Accepted in Christ
Lesson 6 How do I live the Christian Life?
Lesson 7 Jesus wants me to Know that I belong to Him
Lesson 8 Jesus wants me to Obey Him
Lesson 9 Jesus wants me to Pray to the Father
Lesson 10 Jesus wants me to Become more like Him
Lesson 11 Jesus wants me to have Victory in Him
Lesson 12 Jesus wants me to Win Others to Him

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