Published June 9, 2015

Lessons 10 & 11 – A New Kingdom – A New Master


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THE NEW LIFE IN CHRIST Course 3 is for students who have completed THE NEW LIFE IN CHRIST Course 2. This course is best suited for students that are age 13 and up. This course covers a wide range of subjects that relate to the Christian’s growth in Christ.

Each booklet contains 16 pages.

The booklets are wrapped 25 to a package.

This series contains 25 lessons in 13 books.
Book 1 Creation
Book 2 Creation of Man
Book 3
The Fall of Man
In Adam
Book 4 God’s 2nd Man
The New Birth
Book 5 In Christ
A New Relationship
Book 6 A New Kingdom
A New Master
Book 7 A New Power
Love Not the World
Book 8 Victory Over Satan
How to Live the Christian Life
Book 9 Consecration
One Body in Christ
Book 10 The Local Church
The Great Commission
Book 11 Approved Unto God
Leading Souls to Christ
Book 12 Prayer and Warfare
How to Overcome Temptation
Book 13 Victory in Christ
Jesus is Coming Soon

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