Published June 9, 2015

Lessons 13 & 14 – Christ Lives in Me! – I Am a Son of God!


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The A COUNTRY CALLED HEAVEN series is an excellent Bible study on salvation and Christian growth. This series is recommended as a first course for adults and older teens. This course is written in relatively simple English and works well for those with limited education. The initial lesson introduces the person of Jesus Christ.

Each booklet contains 32 pages.

The booklets are wrapped 25 to a package.

This series contains 18 lessons in 9 books.
Book 1 Who is Jesus Christ?
Heaven: How to Get There
Book 2 What is God Like?
The Way of Victory
Book 3
The Word of God
When Jesus Comes!
Book 4 Salvation and Rewards
4 Things God Wants You to Know
Book 5 My Great Savior
A New Family!
Book 6 A New Person in Christ
Christ is My Righteousness
Book 7 Christ Lives in Me!
I Am a Son of God!
Book 8 God’s Great Plan
Christ’s Great Treasure
Book 9 Victory Over Circumstances
How to Enjoy God

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