Published June 9, 2015

Lessons 5 & 6 – The 5 Laws of Guy-Girl Relationships (Part 1) – The 5 Laws of Guy-Girl Relationships (Part 2)


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UNDERSTANDING TRUE LOVE quickly grabs the interest of teenagers and young adults. It is often used as an initial series for students 15 to 20 years of age. This course is rather explicit when dealing with the issues of love, dating, and marriage specifically relating to this age group. Care should be taken when dealing with these topics. This is especially true if this course is to be used with younger teens, or with students that may not have yet been exposed to the World’s view of these topics. This series helps young people understand the differences between the different types of relationships; as well as how to develop wholesome and Biblical relationships.

Each booklet contains 32 pages.
The booklets are wrapped 25 to a package.

This series contains 16 lessons in 8 books.
Book 1 What is Love?
3 Kinds of Love
Book 2 Wait Until Marriage!
Understanding the Sex Drive
Book 3 The 5 Laws of Guy-Girl Relationships (Part 1)
The 5 Laws of Guy-Girl Relationships (Part 2)
Book 4 Dating – The Benefits and Dangers
Satan’s #1 Target
Book 5 The Priceless Gift
Aids – How to be Safe
Book 6 Love is More than a Beautiful Feeling
10 Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
Book 7 How to Experience God’s Love (Part 1)
How to Experience God’s Love (Part 2)
Book 8 Identifying Real Love
Choosing Wisely

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