Published June 9, 2015

Lessons 9 & 10 – Why Did Christ Die? – God’s Mighty Victory


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MY NEW LIFE IN CHRIST Course 1 is a new edition of NEW LIFE IN CHRIST Course 1. This is an excellent course to use as a first course for older teens and adults. It does not assume prior Bible knowledge and it works well for new believers. This course does cover salvation so it is also a good evangelism tool. This course is a step up in spiritual concepts, difficulty, and grade level, from the A COUNTRY CALLED HEAVEN course. However, this course is not normally used with the same students due to the repetition in the concepts that are taught.

Each booklet contains 32 pages.

The booklets are wrapped 25 to a package.

This series contains 20 lessons in 10 books.
Book 1 Who is Jesus Christ?
Heaven: How to Get There
Book 2 What is God Like? (Part One)
What is God Like? (Part Two)
Book 3
Creation or Chance?
What Happened?
Book 4 God’s First Man
God’s Second Man
Book 5 Why Did Christ Die?
God’s Mighty Victory
Book 6 Christ is Glorified
My New Life in Christ
Book 7 Christ is My Righteousness
Christ Lives in Me!
Book 8 God’s Great Plan
Christ’s Great Treasure
Book 9 Christ is My Victory
Abide in Christ
Book 10 Don’t Waste Your Life
You Can be a Soul-Winner

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